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Vista by HunterLab

Simultaneous Color and Haze Measurement

Your lifestyle has changed in the 21st century:
Why hasn’t your work style?

Introducing Vista, the first transmission spectrophotometer to measure color and haze simultaneously. Vista improves your laboratory experience the way your smartphone improved on your landline. Smaller than any comparable instrument, Vista features an easy-to-use modern 7” touchscreen, Ethernet and USB connectivity, and lightning-fast measurement speeds.

It’s small. It’s fast. It’s accurate. It’s Vista.
Twice the instrument. Half the cost - starting at 12,500 USD.

Simultaneous Color and Haze measurement

Durable Industrial Based Touch Screen

Sleek and Elegant Design

Ethernet & USB Connectivity

ABS Housing & Anodized Aluminum Measurement Compartment

Removable door for Large Sample & Easy to Clean

Minimal Bench Space Required

Simultaneous Data Views. Preloaded Scales and Indices

It’s small. It’s fast. It’s accurate. It’s Vista.


We know how important it is for transparent liquid chemicals to meet their required color and haze specifications. Variations in your solvents, intermediates, petrochemicals, resins, or polymers can create issues for your clients, who rely on consistency in their own materials. With Vista, you can more easily test your color and haze quality than ever before. Our chemicals page outlines how Vista can help meet your needs.

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Small differences in biopharmaceutical materials can have large effects. Color and haze measurements of transparent biopharma liquids, like vaccines and injectables, mitigates these risks. A CFR 21 PART 11 Compliant instrument, Vista meets regulatory standards for quality assurance. To learn more about how Vista can keep your solutions up to specification, check out our biopharmaceutical page.

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For food manufacturers, quality matters. Color and haze are important indicators of the quality of transparent liquid edible products. This includes syrups, oils, beverages, and colorants. Not only do color and haze measurements detect spoilage or safety issues, they ensure brand consistency. Vista makes your color quality control process simpler than ever before. Our food page outlines how Vista can help with your specific food product line.

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At HunterLab, we know how important it is to ensure color quality so that your plastic films and preforms are consistently up to standard. With Vista, you can measure the color and haze of transparent plastic solids simultaneously. This cuts down process times and saves benchtop space. To learn more about how Vista can improve efficiency in your plastics production process, check out our plastics page.

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