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Vista for Chemical Industry

Cars, buildings, and most importantly, analytical laboratories are getting smarter. Advances in technology are eliminating repetition from our day-to-day lives, allowing us to spend more time focusing on important tasks. Instrumentation that is complex to operate does not fit in your smart laboratory and will keep you from advancing.

We at HunterLab know how important it is to ensure that chemicals are accurately graded and free of turbidity. We also know what boxes your instrumentation must check in order to meet the requirements of a smart laboratory. This is where Vista comes in.

A dual-purpose color and haze transmission spectrophotometer, Vista is designed specifically to meet the needs of your industry. Follow the links to our application pages to see how Vista can specifically help you.



Vista has all the color scales you need and more. LOVIBOND®, APHA/Pt-Co/Hazen Compatibility for Petrochemical Manufacturers. We’ve made it easy to use so that your employees safely and efficiently take measurements. Read on to find out more about how Vista can improve your petrochemical production.

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Vista has your fast-paced production schedule covered. Using Vista your technicians are less likely to spill product, will spend less time transferring data, and can do measurements in the fume hood. Read on to find out how Vista helps them do this.

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Off-Color Product Detection for Resin Manufacturers. Vista is equipped to simultaneously test the efficacy of your UV blockers and detect any haze in your product. Read on to find out how its fast measurements can improve your QA processes.

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Solvents and Intermediates

Dual Measurements and Fume Hood Compatibility for Solvent Manufacturers. Vista is the ideal instrument for measuring the color and haze of caustic and volatile chemicals. It is rugged enough to handle spills, and it is small enough to fit in your fume hood. Read on to find out more about how Vista can help ensure clarity in your solvent

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