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Keeping Resins Clear. Keeping Customers Happy. 

When you’re synthesizing resins, absolute clarity isn’t optional—it’s essential. Off-color resins are unusable for clients with visible applications, such as the glue that bonds smartphone crystals to the touchpad. We know that the difference isn’t just cosmetic. Color deviations point to process or formula inaccuracies. These can result in product failure and create liabilities for your company. That is why we engineered our new Vista transmission spectrophotometer with industry-leading precision, to detect any inaccuracies before they become big problems.

Vista for now. Vista for the future. 

Vista isn’t just useful for your quality control process. It’s useful for your research and development team, too. With Vista, you can test the long-term efficacy of your UV blockers by measuring yellowness with respect to UV light exposure. The effects of any alterations to your sample preparation process can be tested using Vista. Vista will help you discover any flaws in coloration long before your new process is put into practice.

Fewer Stages. Reduced Exposure. Protected Employees.

Handling hot resins can be hazardous. You’re already protecting your employees with PPE and safety training, but it’s impossible to engineer away human error. We care about the safety of your employees, and so we’ve made it easy to add and remove samples from Vista. Our spacious sample compartment means that employees can fit their whole hand in it, letting them add and remove samples without discomfort. More so, our magnetic sample holders allow employees to place the sample quickly without having to adjust any clamps or screws. It fastens snugly and securely on the first go. Lastly, combined color and haze measurements mean fewer transfers of hot resins between instruments. This limits the probability of spills or error.

One instrument. Two measurements.

We know that color isn’t the only indicator of resin quality. Haze matters, too. Scatter from trapped particles in your resin will alter its clarity without modifying the color. Identifying haze can also help you find any contaminants in your system. Haze measurements used to be performed using a bulky standalone instrument. We didn’t think that this was very efficient, so we designed Vista to measure color and haze simultaneously. Without sacrificing an iota of precision or reliability, combining color and haze measurements saves your laboratory time, space, and money.

Fast Measurements. Accurate Results.

It is impossible to obtain precise measurements when liquid samples have density gradients; so, we know how important temperature stability is for liquid resins. Previous instrumentation meant long measurement times, non-uniform samples, and inaccurate results. Vista doesn’t have that problem. Vista can measure color and haze in less than five seconds, getting results while your resin’s hot. As a bonus, faster measurements means you can take more readings in less time.

Protecting your equipment. Protecting your investment. 

Protecting your employees is your top priority. Coming in at a close second is protecting your equipment and the investment it represents. Our large sample compartment and magnetic sample holders limit the risks of damaging your equipment. But even if a spill does happen, our self-contained sample compartment keeps resins isolated from the instrument’s delicate electronics and optics. The cleanup is also simple and easy, employees have plenty of scrubbing space. As you might expect, delicate areas are as protected from cleaning chemicals used to break down the hardened resin as they are from the resin itself.

HunterLab has over 64 years experience working closely with resin manufacturers to develop the ideal color measurement solution for your needs. To learn more about how Vista can streamline your process, contact our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff today.

Other applications for Chemical


Vista has all the color scales you need and more. LOVIBOND®, APHA/Pt-Co/Hazen Compatibility for Petrochemical Manufacturers. We’ve made it easy to use so that your employees safely and efficiently take measurements. Read on to find out more about how Vista can improve your petrochemical production.

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Vista has your fast-paced production schedule covered. Using Vista your technicians are less likely to spill product, will spend less time transferring data, and can do measurements in the fume hood. Read on to find out how Vista helps them do this.

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Solvents and Intermediates

Dual Measurements and Fume Hood Compatibility for Solvent Manufacturers. Vista is the ideal instrument for measuring the color and haze of caustic and volatile chemicals. It is rugged enough to handle spills, and it is small enough to fit in your fume hood. Read on to find out more about how Vista can help ensure clarity in your solvent

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