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Food Dyes & Colorants

Vista for Modern Food Dye Manufacturers

When you’re selling food dye, you’re selling color. That means your color is your brand’s identity. In both R&D and QC, a product’s success depends on your instrumentation. You need an instrument that delivers precise results, quickly and reliably. That’s what we had in mind when we designed Vista. Not only does Vista deliver results with extreme precision, it delivers them in seconds, with industry-leading repeatability.

Hundreds of samples. One touch.

Your quality control technicians handle a large volume of samples every day. Extra steps in their process can slow them down considerably. Over the course of week and months, this can add up to a significant loss in time. Extra steps also increase the probability of operator error. We took care of this problem by simplifying our user interface. After selecting a saved standard it only takes one touch to take a measurement and display results. This makes measurements much faster, and almost impossible to mess up.

Hello automatic standardization. Goodbye colored disks.

We know how tedious instrument calibration can be, but you can’t measure the color accurately without it. Complex calibration routines requiring multiple colored disks and various steps wastes time and increases your chances of error. With Vista, this is a worry of the past. Standardization is performed automatically by the instrument when prompted from the touchscreen menu. No colored disks required.

Standards saved. Standards retrieved

You make a lot of different types of dye, each with its own quality standards. Previously, this data needed to be stored on a PC since older spectrophotometers lacked the required memory. This took up a lot of space and tethered spectrophotometers to a nearby computer. We tackled this issue by building a powerful processor into Vista itself. Now you can store all your standards right on your machine.

No computer needed. Vista brought its own.

R&D scientists may need to analyze data taken from transmission measurements. Rather than having to transfer data to a PC, Vista’s 7” LCD touchscreen display lets you do analysis on the spot. Our EZ Match QC software can compile averages, draw charts, and populate graphs. What’s more, Vista can connect to your company cloud or server, so there is no need to manually transfer data. Vista doesn’t need a computer because Vista is one.

With 64 years of experience working with the food industry to develop ideal practices for color quality control, HunterLab is a trusted name in instrumental color measurement. We know you’re looking for a fast, simple, reliable instrument to guarantee the consistency of your dye.

Other applications for Food


Brand Consistency for Beverage Manufacturers. Vista’s easy to use interface is perfect for beverage manufacturers whose QC requires multiple color scales. It’s small size, combined haze measurements and low cost make it almost as palatable as your products. Read on to find out more

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Edible Oils

AOCS (Wesson method) & LOVIBOND® Compatibility for Edible Oils Manufacturers. Your technicians are already absorbing rivers of information on your production, processes, and products. Complicated instrumentation will only slow them down. Lucky for you, Vista has all the color scales you need and is simple to use. Read on to find out more.

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Color Quality Control for Syrup Manufacturers. We know how important the color and haze measurements are for QA. Vista can save you time and lab space doing these. We’ve also made it ready to handle the stickiest of spills. Read on to find out more.

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