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Vista for Transparent Plastics Manufacturers

Advances in technology are making our daily lives more efficient, however, laboratory processes are becoming more complex. Manual labor is a necessity, but it does not need to be a limiting constraint on your laboratory’s time and expenses. The correct, low maintenance, and easy to use technology will help your laboratory evolve. This is why we at HunterLab designed Vista. Your transparent plastics, such as films and preforms, rely on accurate color and haze measurements, and Vista has that covered. However, it also has fast measurement times, precise readings, and a flexible instrument for a modular workspace. That’s why it’s ideal for your smart laboratory.

Vista, a dual-use color and haze transmission spectrophotometer, is ideal for the stringent requirements of the transparent plastics industry. Follow the links to our applications pages to learn how Vista can streamline your process.



Ensuring Uniformity Across Sheets of Plastic Films. We know important it is for films to have uniform transparency and be haze-free. That’s why we designed Vista. Its design and software are made for measuring films and guaranteeing transparency. Read on to find out more about how Vista can ensure your films are up to standard.

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Sample Holders Designed for Preform Manufacturers. Vista is the ideal instrument for measuring preforms. It is equipped to accommodate your samples, it has a small footprint, and it is easy on the wallet. Read on to find out more about how Vista can keep your preform manufacturing process running smoothly.

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